Magical Reef Diving Board Room

The Diving Board Room features - you guessed it! - a diving-board! If jumping into the crystal clear lagoon sounds better than a cup of coffee to you, then you've found your room. This cabin is a one bedroom loft with a queen sized bed, perched above the communal dock. Down the ladder there is a toilet and shower, but a 2-minute walk will take you to the composting lavatory for longer bathroom visits (Our dog Capitan will guide you when its dark). Your room is steps from the kitchen for you mid-night snackers, and its only 5 minutes away from the adventurous jungle trails.

Features include:

  • Queen-size bed
  • Diving board
  • Shower (shared)
  • Outdoor lavatory (shared)
  • Fan in room

A large deck around the Reef Cabins is open to all guests for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or relaxing.

Contact us directly for a quote and details on our reduced rate ride share

* Transportation/Cleaning costs consists mainly of the cost of gas for the 30-min boat ride from and to Almirante/Isla Colon (Bocas Town)

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