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Solar Power

Our electricity is generated by the solar panels installed on 'The Hill' for maximum light exposure. Solar modules use light energy (photons) from the sun to generate electricity, which is called 'the photovoltaic effect'. Ghost-charging phones/laptops can highly impact our electricity system, so please remember to unplug or electronic devices when not charging them. We do have great Wifi, but we suggest turning everything off, and immersing yourself in the wilderness!

Rain Water Supply

Most of the water that comes out of the tap at CocoVivo is rain water collected from the rooftop of the Hill House. We store the water in 6 huge tanks at the top of 'The Hill' for ultimate water pressure on the water front. That's 2500 Gallons of water when the rains are generous. Though we rarely run out, and we do have a natural spring as back up, we ask our guests to consider their water usage while taking a shower, brushing their teeth or doing the dishes since we aim to minimize waste. We use this water for cooking or coffee only after bringing it to a boil first. Purified drinking water is imported to the island via recycle- able bottles.

Composting Toilet

The composting toilet is the cleanest and most ecologically friendly way of getting rid of human waste. The toilet is built an appropriate distance from the water in order not to damage the precious reef. We hope this explains the long (ish) walk to the loo.

Bio-degradable Products

Most shampoos and soaps contain chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and other damaging toxins. Although they help clean your hair and skin, they are extremely toxic to marine life when released in water ways. As we would like to protect our reef and the high variety of sea animals, please consider what you are putting on your skin, in your hair, and down the drain. Perks and trades for Dr. Bronner's!


Mass consumerism and breathtaking amounts of packaging are the sad reality of our modern society. It doesn't take a scientist to see the resulting pollution, poisoning and destruction of existing ecosystems. Panamanian recycling programs are not advanced enough to support the use of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. To minimize waste and protect the environment please do not bring canned or plastic containers of drinks- we sell bottled pop and beer on site in refundable glass bottles- for market value.

“How can I help?” Glad you ask!

  • Don’t bring drinks in cans.
  • Minimize or eliminate the usage of plastic bags and packing materials. When shopping, bring your own bag/backpack.
  • Before throwing away packing material like plastic boxes, glass or bags, ask us if we can reuse it.
  • we compost Organic waste and our dogs love leftovers!
  • Switch off lights, fans and other electronic devices when leaving a room.
  • Sustainable knowledge? Swap your book in our book exchange.

Contributing To Local Communities

CocoVivo maintains strong relationships with the local community of Tierra Oscurra, by providing employment opportunities, purchasing local produce and offering housing space to local Ngobe Bugle workers and trades people. We aim to support and strengthen the regional development and standard of living.

"They were smart about where to put waste, septic and compost, they have twice as many solar panels (24) and water tanks (6 giant) as nearby places. These are all things you WON'T notice, because your stay will be comfortable, and you'll be relaxing in a hammock and not running out of power and water."- Cameron